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Striving for the best combination of reliable quality and competitive price is Grand shine’s 

business goal in aluminum production. IN order to realize this, we strive:

•To strictly carry out the inspection in every step from metal melting to packing, to detect and prevent any non
-conformance during production and try to prevent any unqualified products release from our factory.
•To continually upgrade the technology system and improve the inner management of production procedure 
and carry out flexible policy to meet the changing market.
•To develop highly responsible and skilled human resource with good sense of quality and customer satisfaction
•To have a continuous and close discussion with customers for any possible problems and react in a responsible 

o realize this quality goal, we implemented the following procedure in each step of production:

Aluminum billet casting:
•he melting furnace melts the aluminum ingot at a controlled temperature with other metal elements subject to 
the specific alloy.
•A computerized Spectrometer instantly tests and analyses the liquid metal sample to ensure the composition 
compliance according to set up standard.
• uniform and fine grain texture is obtained by adding Titanium-Boron grain refiner.
•Then the metal liquid is filtering through the ceramic foam filter to eliminate any non metallic inclusions during 
•Finally the metal liquid is lead into the holding furnace to form the billet under pressure of cold water.

Die workshop
The die and tooling for aluminum profile are manufacture red in house in the independent workshop, equipped 
with some of the latest facilities like wire cut, CNC milling,etc.H-13 grade steel is the material for the die to 
ensure uniform hardness after heat treatment.

Aging is very important after extruding since the hardness of profile is still very soft. It is done at a specific 
temperature for a certain period of time in an air circulated ovens. Subsequently the hardness of the aluminum 
profile should be tested using portable Webster.